Franz Stapelberg

Sales & Leasing Executive


Previously working in finance with a Bachelor of Business (Finance) Franz Stapelberg quickly realised that with his industrious, self-motivated personality, real estate was the perfect fit.

His interest in property law, finance and sales has honed his ability to effectively attract the right buyers and best offers. During this process, Franz identified the current value in his skill set and experience in the current property development fray. These experiences stem from a proficient engagement in customer service and the development of business and capital structures in leading corporations such as Apple, Google and Microsoft.

Franz has demonstrated his aptitude in observing and appropriating a response to the demands associated with operating a business. This quality is the cornerstone of Franz’s professional evolution; one he intends to adapt to his aspirations of obtaining a formidable reputation in the realm of real estate.


  • 2021/2022 - Premier Performer
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